Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica 27(2): 425-466

DOI: 10.47743/saa-2021-27-2-11

Andrés Sáez GEOFFROY


The aim of this article is to analyse the conception of war ideology and peace during the Antonine
dynasty (96-192) by using comparative criteria. To the elements which survived from the 1st century are added new
aspects specific to the 2nd century. The analysis was built on two levels, first, the narrative construction of war
ideals and peace, and second, the numismatic presence of some values such as peace and victory, reflected by the
interests and ideals of Roman Emperors. We are going to show that during the 2nd century there was an ideological
diversification of topics related to war and peace, keeeping nevertheless certain symbols and ideals from previous
times, all issues which led to a renewal of the idea of pax romana.



Ideología, pax romana, victoria romana, Antoninos.



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