Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica 27(2)-Supplement: 1-30 Andrea DEMJÉN, Florin GOGÂLTAN ABSTRACT This article presents some theoretical aspects related to historical archaeology and mountain landscape archaeology research domains. There were noted various research projects from Transylvania that involved archaeological discoveries found at altitudes above 800 m. Regarding historical archaeology in Romania, the concept and methodology of approaching the recent past, is a field of research that includes only a few recent projects. That is why the Contumaz Pricske project was synthetically presented, for researching a quarantine that operated between 1732-1808 in eastern Transylvania, on the border between the Habsburg Empire and Moldova. This research involved the exploitation of documentary sources from various archives, the use of cartographic sources and conducting archaeological excavations.   KEYWORDS Transylvania, Contumatz Pricske, historical archaeology, quarantine institution, 18th -19th century.   FULL ARTICLE Download PDF (free)