A New Lot of Greek Amphoric Stamps from Medgidia Elenistic 1 site, Constanța County

Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica 29(1): 21-45 Natalia MATEEVICI, Petre COLȚEANU DOI: 10.47743/saa-2023-29-1-2 ABSTRACT The preventive archaeological research carried out on the Medgidia Elenistic 1 site, by MINA Constanța, which took place between November 2022 and July 2023, brought to light a rich and beautiful ceramic material of all kinds, from Getic and Scythian hand modeled pottery by – to luxury black-glazed Greek vessels, gray pottery and, of course, a rich batch of Greek amphorae and their fragments. In general terms, the discovered material falls chronologically between the IV and III BC.Among the amphoric material, the majority on the site, a special place is occupied by the amphoric stamps (67), coming from 6 Greek producing centers, both Mediterranean – Thasos, Cnidos, Rhodes, and from the Pontic ones – Heraclea, Sinope, Chersones. Among the stamps from Medgidia, some specimens of unknown centers were also noticed, some present for the first time in(…)

King Agesilaus and the Trial of Phoebidas

Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica 29(1): 5-20 Larisa Pechatnova DOI: 10.47743/saa-2023-29-1-1 ABSTRACT The article exploresthetradition about the capture ofThebes fortressCadmea by the Spartan commander Phoebidas (382 BC). The purpose of the article is, first, to consider the degree of participation of King Agesilaus in the capture of Cadmea, and, secondly, to find out the reason why Agesilaus defended Phoebidas in court. The author concludes that Agesilaus’ defense of war criminals like Phoebidas and Sphodrias had disastrous consequences for Sparta. According to the author, the blame for the violation of the Peace, the break of relations with the allies and the defeat of the Battle of Leuctra can be partly laid on Agesilaus. REZUMAT Articolul explorează tradiția despre cucerirea fortăreței Cadmeea de către comandantul spartan Phoebidas (382 î.Hr.). Scopul articolului este, în primul rând, de a analizamodul în care regele Agesilaus a participat la cucerirea Cadmeei și, în al doilea rând, de(…)