Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica 27(1): 33–46

DOI: 10.47743/saa-2021-27-1-2



The Israelite-Judaean Military Service in the Armies of Assyria has not been fully discussed, and this
article is an attempt to offer a fuller picture of this phenomenon. This article is composed of two parts. The first will
concentrate and discuss all the evidence we have for Israelite and Judaean units that were absorbed into the
Assyrian army, which will be used as a foundation for the second half of the article. All this will attempt to show
that the inscription detailing the Assyrian capture of 200 Israeli chariots, rather than 50 as is written in another
inscription, is the more accurate one, and then discuss the implications of such a conclusion. The second part is the
first attempt to concentrate all the names of possible Assyrian soldiers who are of Israelite and/or Judaean origin.
The first and second parts together encompass the first attempt to concentrate all the evidence for Israelite and
Judaean service in the Assyrian army in one place. This will prove that Israelites and Judaeans served in the
Assyrian army in a continuous manner from at least the fall of Samaria until the fall of the Assyrian Empire.



Kingdom of Israel, Kingdom of Judea, Assyria, Chariots, Ancient warfare, Battle of Qarqar



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