Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica 27(1): 1–32

DOI: 10.47743/saa-2021-27-1-1



The present paper constitutes a review of the archaeometric (or archaeological sciences) studies focusing
on the area of Aegean between 30000 and 3000 BC., alongside a focus on the area of Dodecanese islands (SE Aegean)
for the period from 800 to 200 BC. This systematic work is part of a project (2012-2013) that aimed to create a database
including metadata related to the diachronic habitation in Aegean. The current review is classified into nine broad
categories, namely Chemical Analysis, Dating Techniques, Palaeoenvironment, aDNA Analysis, Archaeomagnetism,
Isotopic Analysis, Restoration and Conservation and Geophysical studies. This interdisciplinary review serves as a
useful guide to a significant academic discipline, that of archaeological sciences, which is progressively advanced in
methods, techniques and major applications. Delving into the material culture offers valuable information to the
deciphering of the human prehistoric and historic past.



dating, analytical, pottery, archaeomagnetic, conservation, geophysical, palaeoenvironment,
chemical, aDNA, spectroscopy



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